Introducing Hydrograph

A next generation ETL tool that fulfills the ever growing needs of an Enterprise on Big Data technology stack meeting all governance needs and leveraging the latest technologies. Migrating to Hydrograph is as hassle free as it can get when combined with the Bitwise ETL conversion automation taking care of almost 80% of the conversion.
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Innovations Driving Business Technology

Leverage the ultimate competitive advantage - Our proprietary suite of Excelerators, developed by our Data Innovation Lab, which reduce the expense, time and complexity of large-scale data and application development projects.
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Our thoughts on the technology, trends and experiences that are shaping the technology landscape to drive business transformation and accelerate innovation. Join in on the discussion with our thought leaders and learn the story behind every innovation brought to life at Bitwise.
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Meet Us

Hydrograph – Strata : Breakthrough Data Transformation Framework Unveiled at Strata NY

Enterprises that embrace Hadoop now have an ETL framework that fits within their open source strategy. At Strata + Hadoop World NY, Bitwise is proud to unveil Hydrograph, an Open Source ETL on Hadoop utility built in partnership with our customer Capital One to address today’s demanding big data needs.

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