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ETL Converter

The exhilaration of converting legacy ETL tools to new age products hassle free

"Today, the data-integration tools landscape includes numerous players. The high costs and complexity of many market leaders has given rise to newer, lighter, and faster platforms. The need to migrate to these new platforms can arise for multiple reasons, including the increasing redundancy of the existing system, its high cost of ownership, changes in the hardware platform, and mergers and acquisitions that bring together disparate data warehousing systems. Facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the conversion process, companies often delay these programs—or even shelve them altogether. "
ETL Converter

Bitwise ETL Conversion Excelerator

How Bitwise Can Help?

Built upon two decades of extensive experience across all major data integration platforms, our ETL Conversion Excelerator enables clients to migrate from one system to another, merge two distinct systems into one, bring Data Integration platform standardization, minimize manual effort, and upgrade to newer versions of Data Integration platforms. Bitwise has automated the process to convert from one Data Integration platform to another using hub and spoke architecture that improves developer productivity and vastly reduces coding efforts.

Bitwise Dark Elements Discovery Framework brings automation in the assessment phase, which helps in identifying the scope accurately and optimizing the conversion process. Bitwise Data Validation Automation feature reduces the time taken up to 30% in conversion validation.

Bitwise Migration Solution Approach

Bitwise Migration Solution Approach

What you gain?

  • Up to 60% reduction during assessment phase with Dark Data Discovery Framework
  • Up to 70% touch-free migration
  • Up to 40% increase in developer productivity
  • Up to 30% effort saving in test validation
  • Up to 75% - 90% effort saved for Test Compliance Reports



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