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Cruise through testing cycles, with the leading-edge Bitwise Test Automation suite

"Introducing QualiDI, a revolutionary new approach to ETL/ELT test automation that improves testing effectiveness, shortens development cycles, and reduces costs."


Business Intelligence is vital to empowering corporate decision makers with the information they need to improve business performance, maintain compliance, and drive quality. The key to providing current and accurate data is ensuring that the processes that move data from source to target systems run smoothly and quickly, and that errors are identified and resolved quickly – without IT staff wasting valuable time finding and fixing issues manually.

These data integration projects typically involve extracting large volumes of data from multiple data sources before transforming and loading - this is the goal of the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process. Testing data processes requires a data-centric approach that is different from testing traditional transactional applications.

For large organizations, the challenge is particularly acute: achieving error-free, end-to-end integration among processes that are distributed throughout the enterprise.

A Better Approach to ETL/ELT Testing

Our QualiDi Excelerator enables clients to reduce costs, achieve higher ROIs and accelerate time to market. Like all Bitwise Excelerators, QualiDi was developed based on best practices achieved in our work with the world’s largest and most data-intensive corporations. QualiDI combines proprietary software with hands-on support from Bitwisers, the industry’s most experienced team of data professionals. It automates every aspect of the testing lifecycle:

  • Finding bad and non-compliant data
  • Data integration testing
  • Testing across platforms
  • Managing test cycles through dashboards and reports
  • Test scheduling

QualiDI is configurable with all databases. These include Oracle, Exadata, Teradata, Hadoop, Microsoft, IBM Infosphere, Netezza, SAP (Sybase), Aster Data and GreenPlum. In addition, QualiDi works with any JDBC-compliant database or data source and Flat files (any type of delimited file and/or fixed-width files).

QualiDi offers an array of important features that significantly increase testing efficiency, including:

  • Meaningful auto test data generation utilizing constraints and referential integrity
  • Automated test case (query) generation for direct mappings
  • Central test case repository enabling test schedules for regression testing and monitoring through dashboards and reports
  • Test execution maintained in batches for regression and retesting
  • Test execution results dashboards and reports available at a click
  • Requirement traceability
  • Built-in defect tracking and monitoring, interfacing with a third-party defect tracking tool

Key Benefits:

QualiDi is a proven approach that supports a company’s business strategy, operational excellence, compliance and governance through more reliable, timely data at lower cost. Key benefits achieved by one global client include.

  • Reduced costs over 85% in regression over three years
  • Cost benefits of 30% in test case writing
  • 75% in regression and re-testing
  • 85% test case execution
  • 85% in test case execution documentation



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