AppWise Framework

AppWise: Deploy enterprise class web applications fast!

BitWise designed AppWise – a framework based on a standard Web-technology stack – so that customers get the most out of their IT investments. AppWise deploys business applications faster, leverages the latest technologies and maintains focus on the business benefits.

AppWise - Develop App for any Device

Core benefits of AppWise are:

  • Rapid Web application development
  • Cost savings: reduced elapsed time and testing time.
  • Cloud Switch: option for deploying the application on a cloud platform.
  • Rich GUI: a user-friendly Ajax-based graphic interface.
  • Social network aware: Out-of-the-box integration with social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Open ID.
  • Mobile Interface ready: AppWise’s ready-to-use components support different mobile devices and adapt the content according to different form factors.
  • Integrated feedback management system: improves user participation & application usability – out-of-the-box integration with content management systems.

Technology benefits without vendor lock-in:

AppWise uses a standard Web-technology stack, open-source components and BitWise’s COE-built components. So you get all the benefits without vendor lock-in. If required, your internal team will be able to support the application like any other Web application.