Acknowledge, accept and appreciate diverse ideas, opinions and differences. A culture of listen, think and act

  • I will welcome professional disagreements, challenging  of status quo and think new and better ways, all in interest of the organization
  • I will be open to feedback, solicit opinions of relevant stakeholders and look for ways to enhance my professional abilities through feedback
  • I will widen my horizons through active pursuit of new and diverse knowledge, views and paradigms


Compassion is about bringing in humaneness in a performance driven organization, it’s not about accepting lower standards through empathy

  • I will be cognizant of the efforts and situations of fellow Bitwisers when accomplishing organizational objectives
  • I will focus on what’s best in people (strengths) and not just areas of development
  • I will endeavour to a make a difference as a Bitwiser to society by giving back in whatever way I can to those with lesser access to opportunities


Being a Bitwiser. Understanding that personal and professional growth is inseparably tied to the healthy growth of Bitwise through a unified and cohesive culture which makes sure that we perform as individuals and perform as one group helping each other and ourselves to maximize our potential

  • I am an integral part of Bitwise, a Bitwiser; my actions will be in the best interest of the organization
  • I feel a strong sense of pride in all my contributions towards meeting organization’s objectives
  • I will neither promote nor be part of sub-cultures or feed into in-group/out-group mentality


Taking the initiative to bring about positive results while owning the drawbacks and generous with recognition

  • I will make decisions, seek relevant stakeholder approval, and be responsible for the outcome of my decision instead of waiting to be told what to do
  • I am accountable for results of my actions and can be trusted upon to deliver
  • I will focus on performing now to achieve long term objectives


Excellence is a way of being which strives continuously to raise the performance bar and redefines goals to go beyond what is expected in the pursuit of perfection

  • I will motivate myself to aim higher and achieve beyond the goals assigned to me
  • I will not accept under performance from self or others involved in meeting my objective
  • I will seek opportunities to learn to help me continually improve my own performance and excel

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is being considerate of self and others by recognizing others’ talents and contributions. Openly and objectively engage in debates rather than covertly undermining others that affects performance and morale

  • I must treat all Bitwisers with dignity and respect irrespective of role or position
  • I will lead by example in respecting and promptly responding to the needs of individuals/teams/functions which enable them to meet their organizational objectives
  • Whilst accomplishing targets, I will respect the associated professional needs of my fellow Bitwisers and find ways to openly and actively resolve any contradictions or conflicts that may appear to exist


Embodying set moral principles and professional standards

  • I will do what I say I will do. Commit myself to what is expected from me in my role
  • I will not seek any undue benefits for myself or others through my actions
  • I will be fair and transparent in all my interactions