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Data Quality Framework Overview

In a country so data-rich where enterprises are constantly handling large volumes of information, data errors often cause expensive setbacks. Even the most sophisticated organizations have overestimated the quality of their data while prioritizing the aspect of data quantity, eventually resulting in significant cost and performance handicaps.

Bitwise offers a Data Quality Framework for continuous analysis, observation and improvement of enterprise data quality. To ensure an exceptional quality of data, our methodology fully integrates into existing functional processes at any stage of the software development lifecycle.

Data Quality Framework Approach

Bitwise enables companies to attain high data quality across the entire data set, by utilizing a framework that provides significant quality enhancements across five crucial parameters

bitwise- dq framework
  • Accuracy: Having correct data values
  • Completeness: Establishing electronic recording of required values
  • Consistency: Having values aligned across your systems
  • Standard-Compliance: Conforming to industry standards
  • Time-Stampedness: Having a clear validity timeframe

We work on knowledge acquired via petabytes of data for enterprises that consider data to be a mission-critical asset. Our Data Quality Framework is comprised of

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Standardization
  • Matching and Cleansing
  • Data Environment
  • Reporting and Real-Time Monitoring
  • Data Quality Policy Repository.

Benefits of Data Quality Framework

Bitwise Data Quality Framework eliminates several data quality challenges, and delivers numerous benefits such as

  • Time Efficiency: We effectively reduce your data reconciliation time delays caused in system deployment.
  • Cost Optimization: Our Data Quality strategy bolsters your data quality to reduce costs and eliminate revenue loss enterprises often face due to inadequate data quality.
  • Integrity: We enable you to strengthen your system integrity by having only quality data flowing within your enterprise.
  • Compliance: Our strategy enforces stringent compliance and industry standards to improve your data quality for various enterprise processes.

The Bitwise Data Quality Framework ensures a high quality of information in your enterprise, resulting in high customer satisfaction. Our strategy addresses a challenge faced in virtually every large enterprise: the high cost of low-quality data.

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