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A post-COVID collaboration platform

The client envisioned an enterprise-wide collaboration system that enabled scalability, productivity, security, and a high level of stakeholder engagement.



200 % of return on investment


WFH Capacity

80% Work from home capacity


Delivery Time

4 Months delivery time


Cloud Security

100% Secure on cloud


Intranet being the glue that can bind all stakeholders of the company, Bitwise designed a solution for the client that optimized and upgraded this relatively undervalued channel to develop robust collaborative capabilities across the enterprise. The intranet bridged the collaboration and communication gaps across departments and geographies, providing varied functionalities to usher in the great transformation in the collaborative capabilities of the organization.  

The solution was to soon become one of the most crucial systems in the company with the investment paying for itself multiple times when the enterprise-wide collaboration for remote working became the need of the hour in the next few months of COVID-19 outbreak.


Being one of India’s largest General Insurers, the client faced these inadequacies with its existing system: 

  • As an insurance company, the company required high levels of security and accessibility control. 
  • The intranet, usually a relegated system in the larger business ecosystem, was seen at most as an employee engagement tool and was severely under-optimized. 
  • While common enterprise collaboration tools seemed like they could be plugged in, the need was that of a complete overhaul and revamp to bring a new lease of life to the system. 

Owing to the growing business requirements for scalability and productivity, the client required a collaboration system that could enable deep collaboration, tracking, oversight, reports and dashboards, enterprise and departmental workflows, breaking down silos, self-sufficient teams and an effective engagement tool for both clients and employees.


The client had varied collaboration requirements that needed to be embedded in a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution and it needed to be achieved within a short time. This called for a value partner with deep and multi-faceted expertise in collaboration platforms, productivity and enterprise reporting and dashboard tools. One that could not only build and integrate dynamic requirements (such as various dashboards and employee engagement practices outlined by the client) but could also achieve quick deployment of the same.

With over two decades of domain experience in providing versatile solutions to various industries, Bitwise was able to fill the role of an efficient value partner who could help the client fulfill its vision successfully. 

The core advantages that were considered: 

  • Expertise in collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 
  • Deep understanding of user pain points in terms of productivity and efficiency
  • Business intelligence expertise  
  • Industry insight 
  • Rich domain experience  
  • Technology partnerships 
  • Quick building and deployment capabilities 


Better interconnectivity to increase efficiency

The project began with the conceptualization of the intranet as an upgrade to the existing one but with a completely new vision of bringing efficiencies across the organization. Based on the requirements, Bitwise suggested Office 365 as the platform to build on. 

Bitwise constructed a solution that provided a versatile set of utilities across the enterprise, enabling efficient task management, intelligent dashboards, and ease of communication. 

  • Seamless communication: With deep interconnectivity, the client was able to incorporate better communication within and across teams, allowing employees to share information and data, and discuss opinions and preferences with ease. The solution also enabled UI/UX device-agnostic tools for better information sharing. 
  • Tools for decision-makers: The big ask was to enable complete and seamless access to organizational dashboards and reports which was effectively fulfilled.  
  • Collaboration: Bitwise solution offered interconnectivity which enabled smooth collaboration across departments, and also retained a sense of organizational hierarchy by providing crucial tools for project and workflow management, task management, dashboards, enterprise risk management, as well as interdepartmental ticketing. 
  • Broadcasting tools: These features included emergency broadcasts as much as the nuanced broadcasts ranging from business highlights & achievements to birthdays & anniversaries. 
  • Information security: Using robust access controls such as allowing certain data to only be accessible within the office premises, the Bitwise solution ensured that data security was not compromised in any case. 


The Bitwise solution met the client’s objectives most efficiently with the following key benefits: 

  • A scalable and secure enterprise-wide platform 
  • A versatile set of collaboration capabilities 
  • Increased visibility and insights through dashboards and reporting features 
  • Advanced productivity and governance metrics in place 
  • Increased self-sufficiency of employees 
  • Manageable costs 
  • Quick deployment in 4 months 
  • A high level of stakeholder engagement  
  • Better user experience driving efficiency 


The project commenced in 2019 with a clear set of objectives and was completed within four months, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. With complete control over data and information, the intranet went live a month before the social distancing began. 

So, when the lockdowns started, the organization was ready to seamlessly shift their workforce to the work-from-home model within a matter of days. Based on the governance and productivity metrics, productivity was up to 92% within a week. 


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