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Agile – Efficient Delivery and Deployment

The Bank Fraud Unit (“BFU”) process entails reviewing suspicious activity on accounts for Bank (Deposits), Personal Loans, Student Loans and Home Equity Loans in near real-time manner. The client required a solution for delivering the requirements on time and efficiently.


Defect free

Achieved 99% defect free deliveries

Metrics availability

Exact metrics available very easily at any given point in time

Rework Scale-down

Rework efforts were minimized as requirements were groomed along with all teams



  • Delay in delivering product, due to unavailability of multiple teams on daily basis (BA, DM, SME, Business)
  • No ETA was known for resolving the concerns
  • No sustainable existing framework/model in place to address developer/tester concerns
  • Tracking of issues/defects and resolving them as soon as possible


  • Scrum team involved the Product Owner (PO), Scrum Master, onsite and offshore developers and associated SME’s involved in delivering the request
  • Consolidated the requirements and groomed user stories for each
  • These requirement was prioritized with the help of the PO and used for Sprint Planning sessions and were listed in Rally as per the priority
  • Daily stand-ups and collaboration helped in resolving concerns
  • Sprints time-boxed at 3 weeks each
  • Retrospectives held after each sprint helped entire team to progress better
  • Product Backlog was revised after every sprint with PO


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