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Platform for Healthcare & Financial

Strategy-led and technology-focused marketing firm specializing in content, digital communications and consumer interactions in Healthcare and Financial services. They are architects of the consumer experience, specializing in clear web content and catering to a new age responsive look and feel.

Platform Agnostic

Responsive site which can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices

Enhanced UX

Enhanced user experience, very easy to use by non-technical people

Ease of Maintenance

Easy to maintain website content by the use of CMS tools

Better performance

Increased web site response time resulting in better performance

Bitwise - Platform for healthcare and financial


  • Quick responsive site development for new clients.
  • Support for more than 100 hospital and financial websites.
  • Project delivery with stringent deadlines.
  • Frequent changes in project requirements.


  • Establish and communicate the project plan and schedule.
  • Change Management by updating the project schedule and reviewing the critical path.
  • Follow Agile-Scrum development process for better quality, change management and cruise control.
  • Timed integration and merging process.
  • Regular tracking of the Milestones and tackling the delays.


Relevant Case Studies

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