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Digital Security – Integration with ThreatMetrix

A Direct Banking and Payment Services company required services for Design and Development of service interface to an external vendor ThreatMetrix, an industry leader in device fingerprinting and profiling technology, to strengthen its existing online fraud prevention system by leveraging a SAAS based solution provided by ThreatMetrix which is cost effective and easy to implement


uptime sla

99.9% uptime and less than a second SLA per transaction


Approx. saving

Conservative saving estimate of 885K in 5 years

Bitwise - Digital security integration with ThreatMetrix


  • Lack of real-time identification and assessment of risk profile of customers’ devices used to interact with Account Center (online and mobile channels)
  • Lack of global device black-list and detection of spoofed IP Addresses
  • Negative impact on customer experience in terms of out-of-band challenge rates.
  • Limited capability to write fraud rules based on device profiling


  • Design and development of reusable service interface to ThreatMetrix APIs which is consumed by various lines of business Card, Bank and New Accounts.
  • Analysis of existing client applications to determine the impact and cover all scenarios  to prevent leaks that could lead to fraud.
  • Use and implementation of best practices such as Test Driven Development and Pair Programming
  • Performed extensive load testing to ensure optimal performance of the system resulting in a better customer experience
  • Performed extensive log and data analysis to gauge the performance of the service in terms of throughput and response times.


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