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Modernizing legacy reporting on cloud

A US-based global pure play payments company modernized its legacy BI application with a custom reporting and visualization app on cloud to serve more than 100,000 merchants.


customer rating

5/5 Customer Ratings


Increased performance

5x-10x increase in query performance


Unified channel

An omnichannel user experience

Increased global revenue

Overall cost Reduction

Better decision making


Migrating legacy BI applications to cloud comes with its own sets of challenges that require an innovative customization approach to embed desired functionalities that can offer a seamless and engaging user experience.  

A leading pure play payments company based in the US faced similar issues during its migration of on-premise BI application to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Bitwise helped create a customized solution on top of Looker and GCP that powered the client’s ‘cloud-first strategy’ goal with a best-in-class customer engagement platform to enable secure, self-service analysis in real-time along with other functionalities. 


As a global payment processing company, the client serves merchants across the globe with a broad range of innovative software and services which involves securely handling large volumes of data. To improve customer experience, the client made a strategic decision to migrate all its on-premise applications to GCP including its legacy BI application for merchants to reconcile payments using various tabular reports and dashboards which also helped in making business decisions. 

The client’s existing legacy BI application posed various challenges in terms of costs, performance, and user experience which required a custom reporting and visualization tool which helped its customers to better manage their accounts and deliver an omnichannel experience. 

Now, building this customized tool required solving the following challenges: 

  • Align the solution with CIO’s goal for a ‘cloud-first strategy’ and ensure it fits well in GCP strategy 
  • Meet stringent business timelines for migration 
  • Create a best-in-class engagement platform with embedded BI for customers  
  • Employ a multi-cloud strategy, but use GCP for the embedded solution
  • Select a non-batching option for disparate data sources and real-time data  
  • Create self-service for their customers 


The client looked for a technology partner who had a rich experience in offering complex data and cloud solutions with a nuanced understanding of security practices to manage such highly confidential data.  

Bitwise with its extensive expertise in data management and data security built a custom app that successfully enhanced the client’s cloud migration goal with a custom functionality to help customers easily and quickly understand different transactions. 

Here are the core advantages that were considered: 

  • 22+ years of strong experience in Data & Cloud 
  • Expertise in legacy migration and modernization  
  • Agile methodologies 
  • Expert talent 
  • Strong customer experience insights


Bitwise built a custom reporting and visualization app on top of GCP and Looker that enables a superior engagement platform with embedded BI for the end-user merchants.  

The solution worked in the following manner: 

  • It streamed data from BigQuery to customers in real-time scale and used custom tokens to deliver the right data to the right user depending on company and persona 
  • It enabled different functionalities for different departments 
    – Accounts use card summary reports to address escalations as total sales are easily identified by card brand 
    – Money room managers use the merchant portal to help quickly identify transitions and improve their team’s operational efficiency 
    – IT managers find customer reports useful for identifying sales vs. refunds. It improved query performance and time with custom partitioning for BigQuery  
  • It stored and retrieved data with BigQuery nested table 


The solution designed by Bitwise met the client’s stringent business timelines, offered an evolved customer experience and powered the cloud migration goal with complex customized features. 

The key benefits that were identified: 

  • Improved scalability for all segments, from SMB to Large enterprises  
  • Secure self-service analysis in real-time 
  • Embedded BI 
  • Improved operational efficiency  
  • Omnichannel user experience through smart UI/UX 
  • Comprehensive reporting 
  • Support for highly customized APIs for everything  


The customized solution by Bitwise delivered exceptional customer experience, eliciting 5/5 customer ratings along with spontaneous appreciation from merchants. It also helped achieve the client’s vision to facilitate cultural change among end-users adapting to the new cloud-based application. 


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