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Self-service via AI Chatbots – A Better Customer Service Model

A renowned Health and Wellness company tackled the massive and sudden COVID-19 disruption to the business by introducing digital interaction via AI Chatbots to transform its sales & service model.


Sales increase

Over 230% increase in website sales


Traffic Increase

59% increase in website traffic


Purchase rate incr.

74% increase in visitor to Purchase rate


Appointments Increase

18% increase in virtual appointments for the sales team

Bitwise Ai chat bot case


The purchase lifecycle for health and wellness products tends to be driven by continuously responding to customers’ questions and helping them choose the right product from an extensive and equally confusing product portfolio. This is where an experienced and well-groomed sales team makes a difference, which was the entire sales model of the Bitwise client. Empathetic human interactions drove the sales by efficiently educating customers and the business had thrived on the same for years.

COVID-19 disrupted the fundamental sales structure of the company. It eliminated the core human component which is what fueled the sales model. The company saw this overnight disruption as an opportunity to digitize this part of the customer experience and serve them through digital interactions.


However, replicating human experience by digitally enabling human agents to answer the numerous questions wasn’t feasible considering the volume of queries and the resources it demanded.

The company envisioned a custom AI Chatbot solution which would fulfill all their requirements with right customization and intelligence. To have maximum value out of this leap, the AI Chatbot solution had to solve following challenges:

  • These chatbots with advanced AI needed to come with the provision to enable site visitors with a “self-service” option.
  • The chatbots had to be integrated with the option to be monitored by a two-person team to stay on top of support and sales.
  • The solution had to be driven by real customer insights. This meant that it captured popular customer questions that generated content ideas and contributed to prewritten responses by chatbots.
  • Chatbots had to be built to bypass lengthy lead generation campaigns.
  • They had to be more scalable than Live Chat services and intelligent enough to handoff to customer service and sales teams by scheduling meetings and screening inquiries.


The company anticipated the Chatbots to fulfil diverse needs which required a nuanced understanding of both Artificial Intelligence and the layers of customer experience that could be enhanced. It also required that all conditions were fulfilled right from interaction to interface without any scope for post-deployment hiccups.

Bitwise stepped in with the right expertise and experience that was crucial in achieving this tech vision which had a larger business impact and which would be instrumental to the company’s growth in the post-COVID future.

The core advantages that were considered:

  • Over 2 decades of domain experience
  • Strong customer experience insights
  • Expertise in advanced AI capabilities
  • Extensive knowledge of integrated design and implementation of AI with core systems
  • Expert talent and infrastructure for quick deployment


The AI Chatbot solution had the potential to bring about a great positive transformation to the way the sales leads were generated and tapped. Bitwise saw this as an opportunity to clear out the clutter and dramatically enhance customer experience by building and implementing the following functionalities and capabilities through AI Chatbots:

  • Drive open-ended conversations in natural language to reach a logical point and induce the desired action.
  • Identify, authenticate, and profile users easily. This led to the ability to contact customers in a non-intrusive manner and without annoying them.
  • Drastically improve response time and engage the customer during the waiting period while simultaneously analyzing information in the backend and presenting it in a lucid format.
  • Keep the self-service model simple and easy to operate to promote quick self-learning.
  • Offer strong social media connect through innovative features and make information available on various Social Media platforms.
  • Create a smart and integrated promotion-to-purchase experience for all products.
  • Enable strong backend database management capabilities with excellent MIS skills.
  • Enable a well-designed and appealing UI/UX with a professional and intelligent Bot personality, effectively mimicking human experience.
  • Keep the experience consistent across all customer journeys.


Bitwise helped fulfill the client requirement by considering all aspects that went into design and implementation. It offered the following key benefits as envisioned by the client:

  • An advanced solution customized to the client’s specifications
  • A high level of sophistication in the sales cycle
  • Increase in sales insights
  • Better data and analytical capabilities
  • Reduced costs
  • Easy management of a large volume of queries
  • Intelligent communication handover from chatbot to human agents
  • Increased customer understanding
  • High customer engagement through a seamless self-service experience
  • Reduced conversion steps


AI chatbots are no longer a new phenomenon. The steadily rising application of live chat services and advanced AI counterparts has become a norm. But it’s the seamless design and smooth implementation that bring out the real benefits a business can experience. These benefits no longer limit themselves to a singular point of customer service but help create a lasting impression through an integrated approach towards sales, branding and customer experience.

The AI chatbot designed by Bitwise offered benefits beyond the promised scope. The numbers showed a phenomenal rise as well as reflected enhancement in the quality of these transactions. It was a testament to the belief that intelligent integration of technology will not replace the human experience but enhance it while adding efficiency and scalability to the mix. The company achieved greater performance than its estimates, exceeding ROI and transforming at the same time to adapt to the demands of the future.



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