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Simplify comprehensive test management leveraging modern agile testing tools

The second-largest general retailer in the US sought to build a comprehensive, automated test management platform with customized integration & reporting capabilities.


test case management

20% increase in test case management speed


test automation

99.99% test automation coverage

Improved quality-related decision making

Increased scalability & flexibility

Overview: Enabling agile teams to create a winning test strategy 

One of the largest retailers in the US, the Bitwise client was using its Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool as the test management tool with JIRA and Selenium for its testing automation needs. However, the existing platform posed significant challenges in terms of desired automation coverage, scalability, flexibility, and integration functionalities.

Bitwise partnered with a renowned testing automation solutions provider, to help the client leverage a custom, end-to-end test management automation solution for better efficiency, performance & flexibility. 

The Challenge: Inefficient test management resulting into inaccurate & delayed business outcomes 

The Bitwise client had been using its ALM as the test management tool with JIRA & Selenium. But the limitations of the existing tool hindered the speed, performance, and efficiency of its testing automation processes, leading to inaccurate and delayed outcomes.  

The client’s existing tool posed integration challenges with a particular feature or an issue/story/epic on JIRA, severely limiting the ability to get clear test automation execution coverage and traceability reports. This led to the following subsequent challenges:

  • Lack of visibility into automation execution status within the JIRA post execution 
  • Lack of insight into the testing coverage
  • Need for manual intervention to update automated test results in JIRA 
  • No integration between the CI/CD tool and the test management tool in JIRA 

The Client Perspective: Why Bitwise 

The client’s specific requirements needed an extensive assessment of various testing automation tools available in the market to achieve the right customization and integration capabilities. As the client’s value partner, Bitwise helped choose the right plugin compatible with JIRA which would seamlessly fit into the broader, more comprehensive test management solution and offer the client desired functionalities, long-term value advantage, and continuous insights to make smarter quality-related decisions.

The following Bitwise capabilities played a significant role in this value-partnership: 

  • 25+ years of niche technology expertise 
  • Expert talent with rich domain experience 
  • Differentiated approach & methods to solve complex challenges 
  • Comprehensive tools and frameworks to increase efficiency & value 

The Solution: Flexible & scalable customized solution leveraging test automation tool 

To build the right solution, Bitwise explored different test management automation tools for diverse functionalities. After a thorough comparison and analysis of the features of multiple tools, Bitwise chose the best tool with varied advantages, including the desired integration functionality with Jira that would offer the best testing automation coverage and features to the client.

The process involved three critical steps. 

Step 1: Designing automated utility using automation tool APIs 

Bitwise developed the automated utility using automation tool APIs and implemented POC on the client’s staging environment for web and mobile applications. 

Step 2: Demo to the client 

Bitwise gave a detailed demonstration of the solution and received the client’s approval. Post-approval, the solution was implemented by test automation partner for a single project. 

Step 3: Solution implemented in production 

The Bitwise team then further developed the solution and implemented it in the production environment. 

The Result:  Power to deploy better quality & faster test management 

The solution developed and deployed by Bitwise offered the client better, user-friendly dashboards and comprehensive report generation capabilities, with a significant improvement in testing automation coverage, efficiency, and speed to market. It also offered the client better visibility into the test management throughout the entire application development lifecycles and agility to cater to various test case scenarios. 

The key benefits envisioned by the client and delivered by Bitwise 

  • No need for manual intervention to update automated test results in Jira
  • Enable critical quality-related decision making with actionable insights through comprehensive reporting through customized dashboards, test coverage measurement & analytics, and enabling traceability through real-time progress tracking 
  • Ability to easily import automated tests’ result and test cases in JIRA 
  • Ability to easily map the requirements with test case defects
  • High scalability and flexibility with ready-made integrations for Agile/DevOps using Open APIs to connect with a wide range of automation and CI/CD tools
  • Ability to shift left test as frequently as needed  
  • Ability to manage entire test management workflow inside JIRA 

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