Delivering Results with Responsive UI Layout Test Automation

What is a Responsive User Interface Responsive web pages are more user friendly than a single page which can be run only on a 1024 x 768 screen. A Responsive User Interface (UI) needs to self-adjust, or ‘respond’, according to various screen dimensions. This issue has raised the competition among various companies that need to … Read more

Shift-Left Testing and Overall Quality

Shift-left testing Doing away with all the traditional paradigms of software development, shift left testing stresses integrating both key activities (development and quality assurance) from day one of the projects. This promotes the inclusion of quality assurance right from the requirement phase of development and carries down to the other phases as they follow. SQSPer … Read more

Mobile App Testing Is Not The Same As Desktop App Testing

The Strategy Apps developed by the company included Web Apps, Native Apps and Hybrid Apps. Jeff took stock of all the technology and testing methodologies and was confident that he would crack the deal for an Automotive Service Giant, where he was to first deliver his premier sales presentation for an App that the company … Read more

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