Application Migration

Application Modernization Using Pivotal Cloud Foundry


A Fortune 500 Financial Services company needed to modernize their applications so as to be able to deploy to an on-premise PaaS and phase out the expensive legacy platform, to have an elastic infrastructure to meet new business demands and to deliver business capabilities to production in an accelerated manner.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Single tests for both Android and iOS platforms
  • Excellent test coverage for Regression and Smoke
  • Non-availability of physical devices for testing
  • Changes in platform versions and compatibility testing due to these changes
  • Cost to maintain apps on legacy platform (WebSphere) was significant
  • Every few years IBM WebSphere forced teams to conduct an expensive migration of  their apps to newer versions to maintain support
  • Infrastructure provisioning for new business capabilities took a long time with extensive planning
  • Delivering business capabilities to production took a long time, typically 12 weeks for even small changes

Bitwise Solution

Bitwise was a key vendor in helping the client in its cloud native journey and delivering modernized applications to the PCF platform. Services include:
Group 7

Helped evaluate technology stacks to be used for the target platform (PCF)

web (3)

Backfilled test cases for existing code to make sure no regressions were introduced during modernization

iteration (2)

Created automated integration, regression and component testing (based on consumer driven contracts) for PCF apps that were modernized

support (7)

Refactored the code to reduce complexity and increase maintainability

migrating (2) Created with Sketch.

Created spring based auto-configure components to address cross-cutting concerns across applications and help modernize applications faster

cloud (15)

Helped create declarative style enterprise pipelines that gathered evidence of testing, code quality and code review that met the company’s audit requirements


Help define and build automated release process that helped deliver business capabilities to production within the same day if required

Tools & Technologies We Used

Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud ecosystem

Pivotal Cloud Foundry


CI/CD Stack


Key Results
Bitwise provided a solution resulting in accelerated delivery of business capabilities to production.
Group 3

Ability to reuse exisiting Infra in a elastic fashion

process (5)

Ability to scale applications up or down dynamically to meet change in usage

clock (4) Created with Sketch.

Ability to do Zero downtime deployments during the daytime

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