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Modernization of Dispute Management Application

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A global payments processing company needed to modernize its credit card dispute management system by re-engineering in cloud to take advantage of latest technology capabilities, such as machine learning, for improved outcomes.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Monolithic application with high maintenance and licensing cost
  • Locked into high cost BPM suite yet lacked flexibility / configurability
  • Long lead times / expensive upgrades to card brand mandates

Bitwise Solution

Group 2

Consistent User Experience to Customers across client’s software driven, technology enabled assets

Group 2

Enable API-based communication to constantly evolving card schemes via Real-Time System Interface (RTSI) and batch processing

cloud (13)

Built on Google Cloud Platform, flexible to be moved to cloud providers with minimal changes

web (3)

Auto case resolution feature for faster processing and save manual efforts

check (3)

Machine Learning module to predict the probability of winning a dispute


Machine Learning for auto-resolution and auto-allocation

Tools & Technologies We Used

Microservice/API based solution

Use of Google Cloud Platform

J2EE, Spring, React JS, Drool, Docker, Kubernetes

BRE for auto case resolution

Automated build and deployment

Machine Learning

Key Results
FDE750A2-E848-4033-BC7C-B52660EC9F9Cuse cases icon Created with sketchtool.

Increased agility and reduced turnaround times for card brand and business needs


Reduced TCO

Group 3

Blueprint / Model for cloud / microservices enablement of core applications

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