Test Data Generation

Using TDM to Improve Innovation and Reduce Costs

TDM to Improve Innovation and Reduce Costs

An $8B U.S. based insurance company needed to improve quality assurance (QA) and create a data management strategy that would better align with the business and enable innovation and development of new features within their service offerings.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Complicated front-end and back-end systems consistently caused budget overruns
  • 10% of all test scenarios were not executed due to missing or incomplete test data – resulting in costly production defects
  • Requests for data came too late, with too many redundancies
  • No efficient process to provide test data 
  • Significant security risk of exposing sensitive data during testing

Bitwise Solution

Bitwise implemented a solution using its QualiDI ETL testing automation and TDM tools to address all these challenges. QualiDI and Bitwise TDM improved the testing effectiveness and achieved the required quality with reduced cycle times based on the features provided by these tools.

test (4)

Automated test creation & execution


Centralized repository for mapping documents

feature (1)

Reusability of test cases

support (7)

Logical test data generation

test (5)

100% data comparison over manual data sampling

Tools & Technologies We Used

Bitwise TDM


Key Results
Bitwise provided a solution that delivered the ability to refresh test systems across the organization in record time.

$400K Annual reduction in testing costs

Group 3

44% Reduction in untested scenarios (90 day period)

target (8)

42% Annual reduction in required labor

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    Bitwise provides comprehensive solutions for all your testing projects

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    Bitwise provides comprehensive solution for all your data projects

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