QA and Testing

Shift Left testing with QualiDI increases ROI

Significantly reduce the time spent acquiring, validating, organizing, and protecting test data by utilizing QualiDI. Its ability to interface with leading Defect Management tools in the market as well as automating all aspects of Data Management enables QualiDI to lead the market in offering a dynamic and complete toolset.

Automate Your BI Environment

Lack of automation in the BI environment can lead to higher test cycle times, test coverage falling below 100%, and also make traceability maintenance very difficult and time-consuming. Through automation, you can enable quick response to test the analytical hypothesis, control data sprawl, secure sensitive information, create verifiable copy, and protect the operational systems, as well as create an analytics platform that provides metrics per current market trends.


Proven Results

  • Reduced cycle time by about 30% for each release due to shift-left methodology adoption
  • Up to 35% reduction in post-delivery defects
  • 100% test case scenario coverage
  • Defects up to 50% effort reduction per regression test cycle
  • Testing across multiple environments covering various sources, targets and platforms
  • The FTR (First Time Right) increased by 88%

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