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Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data

Convert Any Mainframe Data to Any Hadoop-Friendly Format

Bitwise’s Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data is a stand-alone EBCDIC to Hadoop format conversion utility that converts complex mainframe data structures (including COBOL Copybooks) to the right structure for Hadoop (ASCII, Avro, Parquet, etc.).

Efficiently Convert Mainframe Data Structures to Any Hadoop-Friendly Format

As organizations look to modernize, they often have the need to push mainframe data into their data lake on Hadoop in order to perform analytics on their complete data and join it with data from other sources. However, mainframes use EBCDIC data format, which presents a challenge as Hadoop uses ASCII data format. Our unique conversion utility bridges that gap.

Convert Any Mainframe Data

A solution for converting even the most complex COBOL CopyBooks to ASCII, Avro or Parquet format with optimal conversion performance
Key Benefits:
Easy to use

Comprehensive solution

Efficiently handles all Mainframe, AS400 and other COBOL data files of any complexity.

Faster Execution

Distributed Compute Power

Efficiently uses distributed compute power of big data platforms, so there is no need to maintain separate infrastructure for conversion. Data read, conversion and loading happens in single pass minimizing the I/O overheads.

Offload Legacy

Built to Handle Complexity

Our Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data handles files with multiple records types, variable length records and signed, packed, binary and special fields can be converted.

Deliver New Use Case

Enables Advanced Analytics

Bring mainframe data into the data lake and combine with other data sources in order to enable faster and Advanced Analytics (link to advanced analytics solution).

Create Scalable Applications

Optimized process

o Delivers an optimized process to convert mainframe data to ASCII, Avro and Parquet data that increases overall data conversion efficiency and maximizes ROI.


Mainframe Data Conversion Process

Mainframe Data Conversion Process

Bitwise Mainframe Data Conversion Solution consists of three main components

Hadoop Analytics System To Cloud


Mainframe data is acquired using FTP and copy commands.

Hadoop Analytics System To Cloud


Conversion process executes on Hadoop, conducts SerDe transform process (Mainframe to Hadoop format, DATA TYPES, FIXED & VARIABLE LENGTH etc.) and converts data.

Legacy Analytics System With Cloud


Once data is converted, data loads into HDFS (HIVE) for further processing.

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