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I want to analyse past behavior and predict future trends to make better business decisions.

I need to modernize our BI and analytics capabilities using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

What it takes to successfully develop an Advanced Analytics competency

Modern Technology

Accelerate traditional analytics with modern technology

  • Leverage latest technologies for Self Service Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, Predictive Analysis, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Implement modern BI products to meet reporting, analytics and visualization requirements.
  • Use proven Agile / Scrum Methodologies.

Ease of Access

Use modern analytics solutions to connect to your data anywhere on any platform

  • Build analytics capabilities for cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions across desktop, mobile, tablet and voice-enabled devices.
  • Provide the information users need in the appropriate format so that their time is effectively spent on making accurate and timely business decisions.
  • Focus on continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) and automation.

Speed to Market

Build more intelligent analytics that require less time and effort

  • Proven solution accelerators and frameworks increase productivity, decrease total implementation cost and improve time-to-market.
  • Standard coding guidelines and best practices provide an efficient solution with optimal performance.
  • Migration and consolidation frameworks speed up re-engineering of legacy reporting to modern tools.

Building your Advanced Analytics Competency with Bitwise

Bringing niche experience in predictive analytics modeling and big data management to help you successfully build your Advanced Analytics competency


Proven Analytics Experts

Extensive experience developing innovative machine learning processes.


Full-Scale Offerings

End-to-end Business Intelligence implementations including data warehouse design, report development and support, analytics, advanced analytics, and visualization.


Accelerated Methodology

We have the expertise, in-house built accelerators, industry partnerships, training and proven approach needed to help you succeed.


Technology Leadership

We align the business requirements, use case, platform identification, tool evaluation and resource requirements needed to implement advanced analytics capabilities.

Bitwise Analytics Solutions

Bitwise offers a complete set of analytics solutions to modernize your decision-making capabilities leveraging cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies.

Solution Areas


Data Science consulting services, implementation roadmaps and technology migration & upgrade strategy


Enterprise Data Science solutions including end-to-end analytics implementation and analytics as a service


Big Data Solutions for big data explorative data analysis, big data analytics, and data visualization and analytics


Enterprise Analytics Maintenance and Support

Intelligent Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Business Process Optimization

Modern Data Analytics, Embedded Analytics, Self Service Analytics

Collaborative Business Intelligence

Voice-Enabled Analytics with Conversational UI

Business Application Modernization

Mobile BI

Big Data Analytics

Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Augmented Analytics using ML and NLP to Automate Data Preparation and Enable Data Sharing

Advantages of Bitwise Analytics Solutions

  • Take the guesswork out of artificial intelligence and machine learning implementation for your business
  • Better leverage data to enable business insights and maximize competitive advantage
  • Develop an advanced analytics competency faster than otherwise possible
  • Modernize traditional reporting and analytics to provide an enhanced user experience for your analysts, business leaders and customers

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‘Bag of Models’ Approach to Machine Learning Deployment on Cloud

Traditionally, multiple models (like Decision Tree, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Logistic Regression) are trained and then compared to choose the best performing model. However, the best model selected on the basis of performance metrics (like accuracy, confusion matrix, Cohen’s Kappa, A/B Test, ROC Curve) after training and validation at development may not remain the best choice with the changing data pattern at production.

In order to get the best predictions as each batch of production runs with minimum production support, Bitwise proposes a ‘Bag of Models’ approach to machine learning deployment on cloud.


Gather, clean, combine, structure and organize data from different sources by using statistical data analysis techniques


Split dataset for Training and Validation model, train the model, tune hyper parameters of best performing model and calculate accuracy metrics


Predict result for future data using Champion Model


Select the best performing model as Champion by comparing accuracy metrics and others as Challenger models


Validate prediction result of previous execution and update the reference to point to champion model


Execute Bag of Models for latest predictions and store their results for validation. Then use champion model result for presentation

Development Framework


Champion Selection Framework


Prediction Run in Production Framework


Advantages of ‘Bag of Models’ Approach to Machine Learning Deployment

  • High-accuracy models selected using metric comparison
  • Automated performance check and selection of best model’s score with every production run
  • Periodic notification of model performance and intimation of retraining
  • Reduced maintenance cost

Most Common Use Cases


Predictive Maintenance

Use machine learning models on IoT device logs to predict the probability that a piece of equipment or any device fails in the near future


Improving Marketing Conversion Rates

Improve marketing efficiency and increase user conversion rates using machine learning algorithms with historical data, clickstream, CRM and other data sets.


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ETL testing is essential for data validation to ensure accuracy when transforming data sets from multiple.

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