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I need to achieve up-to-date metadata that is easily accessible and effectively used across the organization is a real challenge.

Key components needed to implement enterprise-wide metadata management

Data Catalog

A process to store technical and operational metadata.

  • Automatic capture from all traditional, big data and cloud sources with metadata ingestion support.
  • Ability to configure and provide data source and target information to other systems (such as Pig, Hive, Hydrograph (hyperlink), etc.) so that it is not hardcoded in jobs.

Data Classification

Identify and tag data based on classification guidelines for privacy, sensitivity and business criticality.

  • Support all data types and categories ingested in the system, and apply policies for different classifications.
  • Ability to integrate with other data processing frameworks and tools such as Cascading, Ab Initio, Spring Cloud Data Flow, etc. and NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, HBase, Mongo, etc.

Data Lineage

Use automation to capture, store and present data lineage information.

  • Capture data lineage information at field level.
  • Store and present lineage information in an easy to understand graphical format.
  • Capture lineage for Hadoop and non-Hadoop assets.

Metadata Repository and Presentation

Centralize metadata, lineage and traceability.

  • Use an enterprise-wide metadata repository that will store all different types of metadata (e.g. technical, operation and business).
  • Provide an intuitive user interface (UI) for metadata presentation, searching and reporting.
  • Ensure the metadata repository supports complex hierarchical structures.

Implementing Metadata Management with Bitwise

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Bitwise Metadata Management Solution Framework

Our Metadata Management Solution Framework helps you achieve up-to-date metadata that is easily accessible and effectively used across the organization. We help build your DAI (data asset inventory) in conjunction with traditional, Hadoop and cloud environments that will create data assets for your business taxonomy, operational metadata and technical metadata. 

Solution Framework

  • Metadata Management – Discovery, Collection, Governance, Repository, Distribution
  • Data Catalog – Discover, Understand, Consume Contribute
  • Data Classification – Discovery, Classification, Policies, Enforcement
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Advantages of Bitwise Metadata Management Solution

  • Automatically profiles and catalogs all files.
  • Detects when the contents of files have changed and notifies users.
  • Inspects each field in a file to infer its meaning, tags the field accordingly.
  • Data Inventory will propagate the tags based on similar field-level content in other files (i.e. crowdsourcing of tags).
  • Hold business metadata, which powers multi-faceted search, enabling users to zero in on the right files quickly without having to spend weeks going back and forth to find the appropriate data.
  • After users have identified files as useful, they can either generate tables automatically or copy the files to a target directory for wrangling.
  • Track of intermediate and “golden” files after the wrangling process.
  • Enables data stewards to manage tags and ontologies.
  • View Crowdsourcing Tags.
  • View and drill into the lineage information as they work with the data.
  • Discover sensitive data and enable users to remain productive and leverage the data sets freely without concern for breaching sensitive data.

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