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I need a highly skilled team to help me enhance our SOA testing framework

What it takes to successfully implement SOA Testing

Reduce Complexity

Build a framework that avoids complexity and is easy to maintain.

Focus on Quality

Deliver quality at all levels across your enterprise with test efficiency of SOA implementations

Efficient Process

Ensure framework is designed to fix issues and add value to the project.

Implementing SOA Testing with Bitwise

Our framework developed using CA DevTest maximizes the ROI on your investments aiding in continuous component, regression and integration testing. 

Proven QA Testing Experts-icon

Proven QA Testing Experts

Leveraging a proven methodology, we have the flexibility to use industry standard products and platforms as well as our proprietary tools.

Full-Scale Offerings-iocn

Full-Scale Offerings

We apply the necessary expertise, solutions, technology, and set of best practices to test every aspect of your software products.

Accelerated Methodology-icon

Accelerated Methodology

As experts in Agile methodology who are proficient with Agile and DevOps Testing, we have mastered the art of continuous testing and engaging test automation at each phase.

Technology Leadership-icon

Technology Leadership

Through our QA Center of Excellence, we train our resources on all aspects of automation and continuously work on evolving QA processes and best practices.

Bitwise SOA Testing Framework using CA DevTest

Bitwise provides a SOA Testing Framework developed on CA DevTest which facilitates testing with the help of tests to run across the entire stack to validate APIs at every layer of a complex, multi-tiered application.

SOA Testing Framework

Highly portable executable-icon

Highly portable executable test suites that are easy to extend

Reusable test cases-icon

Reusable test cases to help reduce regression cycles


Accepts all types of inputs such as REST, SOAP, Messaging Queues, Databases, Flat Files, etc.

testing on all environments-icon

Facilitates testing on all environments as framework consists of maintaining config files for each script

Automated regression-icon

Automated regression test suites that are easily integrated with CI/CD tools

virtual services-icon

Create virtual services to facilitate testing of non-available third-party components

SOA Testing Framework-img

Advantages of Bitwise SOA Testing Framework using CA DevTest

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Testing and CA LISA

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