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Implement the best web automation testing framework that results in higher quality web-based applications with reduced testing effort and cost


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We do not have an automation framework and need to move to automation to replace manual testing efforts

We already have an automation testing framework but are not getting optimal performance

What it takes to get the right Web Automation Testing framework in place

Open Source Solution

Avoid licensing costs and provide greater flexibility

  • Leverage open source tools such as Selenium WebDriver to the greatest extent possible
  • Use a solution that supports multiple programming languages (Java, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, Groovy, etc.)
  • Use a highly customizable solution that offers ease of scalability and enhancements

Cross Browser Compatibility

Provide support for parallel execution and automated cross browser testing

  • Ability to execute multiple tests simultaneously on multiple devices across multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, etc.
  • Enable testers to execute the same tests across all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, Edge, etc.)
  • Implement and extend test automation for mobile web application automation on Android and iPhone.

Drive Return on Investment

Maximize the level of automation to exponentially reduce the cost of web testing over time

  • Utilize 24/7 testing by initiating tests remotely (unattended overnight)
  • Detect bugs in early stages of software development to reducing expenses and working hours to fix them
  • Consolidate staffing by using a test automation engineer to write scripts and automate tests instead of a whole team doing manual testing

Implementing Web Automation Testing with Bitwise

We understand the challenges of web automation and the need to deliver in stringent project deadlines while being cost effective


Proven QA Testing Experts

Leveraging a proven methodology, we have the flexibility to use industry standard products and platforms as well as our proprietary tools.


Full-Scale Offerings

We apply the necessary expertise, solutions, technology, and set of best practices to test every aspect of your software products.


Accelerated Methodology

As experts in Agile methodology who are proficient with Agile and DevOps Testing, we have mastered the art of continuous testing and engaging test automation at each phase.


Technology Leadership

Through our QA Center of Excellence, we train our resources on all aspects of automation and continuously work on evolving QA processes and best practices.

Bitwise Web Automation Testing Framework

With our expertise in automation tools and DevOps process, we developed a framework to help our clients evaluate, select, implement and maintain the right tools for web automation. For clients that already have an automation testing framework but are not getting top performance, our team can provide the necessary enhancements and skilled resources to get the framework back on track.

Key Features


Evaluate and identify appropriate tools to fulfill business needs considering budget requirements


Ability to run a large volume of test cases on multiple devices simultaneously


Conforms to industry standards to effortlessly maintain dynamically changing content


Works with Ant or Maven for source compilation and TestNG for testing and reporting


Easy integration with popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Team City


Setup Spinnaker (OSS) to perform CD and Integrate Jenkins/Spinnaker pipelines


Supports and automates all aspects of web automation, such as Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, Keyword Testing, Regression Testing, Data Driven Testing, Black Box Testing, and Smoke Testing.

Advantages of Bitwise Web Automation Testing Framework

  • Eliminates false positives and false negatives
  • Run automated tests in a continuous pipeline giving your team faster feedback, reducing debugging time and time to resolution
  • Defects identified at earliest stages reduces the time to fix them and in turn minimizes test iterations
  • Reduces regression testing cycles by up to 90%
  • Low cost of maintenance increases long term ROI
  • Seamlessly integrate CI/CD tools providing a complete automation solution

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