Agile vs. DevOps Testing

Agile Testing Services Functional Test Automation and faster feedback are the essential ingredients to create a successful Agile testing recipe. Agile test automation capabilities can simplify testing of software products developed using Agile methodology. Recommendations for successful implementation of Agile testing: Thorough understanding of Agile test quadrants. QA team is conversant with a wide array … Read more

The Science Of Agile Development

The Science of Iterations Volatile business needs and a core reliance on human skills and creativity induce an inherent uncertainty in software development processes. This makes it unrealistic to define the processes and expect a uniform output every time. Ken Schwaber, one of creators of Scrum, studied Ogunnaike’s process controls at DuPont. He found that … Read more

5 Common Mistakes in Agile BI Adoption

So what are the common mistakes in Agile BI transformation?   Misconception About Agility Agile BI is much more than a project management technique. Creating a truly agile BI organization requires the involvement of leaders, developers, testers, architects, business analysts, stakeholders, business partners, as well as project managers. Agile BI requires substantial change equally for … Read more