How To Choose Between Agile Delivery Methods

So does Agile Work? It’s been more than 12 years since these principles known as the Agile Manifesto, was published. Independent groups have published evidence of the effectiveness of Agile methods. As per the statistics published by the Standish Group (2012), the success rate of Agile projects is at 42% compared to 14% for traditional … Read more

Making The Case For Agile Planning

Here are some real-life challenges that Agile Planning may need to address. 1. Translating Product Vision To Iterations Jumping in too quickly to start the development may turn counterproductive. It’s crucial that the team management and Product Owner together establish a roadmap that keeps the team on the path of achieving targeted objectives. It does … Read more

The Science Of Agile Development

The Science of Iterations Volatile business needs and a core reliance on human skills and creativity induce an inherent uncertainty in software development processes. This makes it unrealistic to define the processes and expect a uniform output every time. Ken Schwaber, one of creators of Scrum, studied Ogunnaike’s process controls at DuPont. He found that … Read more