An automated approach to convert any ETL to any ETL

Watch this on-demand webinar to check out an automated approach to converting any ETL to any ETL.

The data integration tools landscape today includes numerous players. Indeed, the high costs and complexity of many market leaders have given rise to newer, lighter, and faster platforms.

The need to migrate to these new platforms can arise for multiple reasons, including the increasing redundancy of the existing system; high cost of ownership; changes in the hardware platform; and mergers and acquisitions that bring together disparate data warehousing systems.

Facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the migration process, many companies often delay these programs – or even shelve them altogether. Until now.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar to learn more about an automated approach to converting any ETL to any ETL with details on:

  • ETL Migration Challenges
  • Overview of ETL Conversion Automation
  • Case Studies: Ab Initio to Informatica / DataStage to Talend
  • PL/SQL Conversion Methodology

If your ETL migration program is in danger of being delayed or shelved, now is the time to take another look at converting to a platform that better meets your cost and performance objectives using automation. Watch Now!

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