Bring Mainframe data to Hadoop with EBCDIC to ASCII Conversion

Do you need to bring mainframe data into the data lake to perform analytics on your complete data and join it with data from other sources?

Watch this on demand webinar on our Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data solution to learn how we can help you convert even the most complex COBOL CopyBooks to any Hadoop-friendly format with optimal conversion performance.

What we cover in this on demand webinar:

  • Need for converting data stored in mainframes (including COBOL CopyBooks) to the right structure for Hadoop (ASCII, Avro, Parquet, etc.)
  • Mainframe data conversion process for converting EBCDIC data to ASCII format
  • Demo on Hadoop Adaptor for Mainframe Data

Make your mainframe COBOL data actionable for advanced analytics in the Hadoop data lake. Watch this!

Who Should Watch?
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Leaders
  • Enterprise Data Management Leaders
  • Analytics and Reporting Leaders
  • Data Integration Managers
Why Watch?
  • Your Analysts need to join Mainframe data in complex COBOL CopyBooks with other data in Hadoop
  • Your current Data Integration tools are not meeting your Mainframe data conversion requirements
  • You have a need for converting Mainframe data natively in Hadoop without additional infrastructure costs

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