Hassle-free Conversion of Any ETL to Any ETL

Bitwise ETL Converter automates the process to convert from any data integration platform (ETL and PL/SQL) to any other platform. Our out-of-the-box ETL Conversion helps you achieve the maximum level of automation possible – resulting in up to 70% less manual effort.

Our approach to ETL migration projects covers Assessment, Conversion and Validation phases. We have unique automation features that can be utilized to accelerate each phase, including the Bitwise ETL Conversion Automation Engine that reduces conversion time by up to 40% and the Bitwise Data Validation Automation feature that reduces conversion validation time by up to 30%.


Unique ‘Hub and Spoke’ Conversion Model

Built on two decades of extensive experience across all major data integration platforms, Bitwise ETL Converter leverages a unique Hub and Spoke architecture to enable clients to:
  • Automate ETL migration from one system to another
  • Merge two distinct systems into one
  • Migrate ETL code in disparate systems across platforms with minimal manual effort
  • Bring data integration platform standardization
  • Upgrade to newer versions of data integration platforms
  • Improve developer productivity and vastly reduce coding effort

ETL Conversion Automation Engine

ETL Conversion Automation Engine

ETL Converter Advantage

  • Up to 60% Time Reduction during Assessment Phase
  • Up to 70% Touch-Free Conversion
  • Up to 40% Increase in Developer Productivity
  • Up to 30% Effort Savings in Data Validation
  • Up to 75%–90% Effort Saved for Test Compliance Reports


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