Reduce ETL Testing Cycles and Ensure Quality

ETL testing is essential for data validation to ensure accuracy when transforming data sets from multiple operational systems to a data warehouse, but can be challenging in complex enterprise environments with large data volumes.

QualiDI ETL Testing Automation tool provides an enterprise-wide, end-to-end platform for centralizing testing of one or more ETL tools. QualiDI automates ETL testing from Source (any operational system) to Target (data warehouse).

QualiDI ETL Test Automation

  • Efficient data validation and comparison of transformed data vs. manual data sampling
  • Centralized repository of requirements, test cases and test results
  • Empowers CI/CD pipeline by API trigger-based automated test execution
  • Accelerates agile testing by enabling developers, testers and team members to independently execute test cases
  • Early defect detection and reduced testing cycles lead to cost benefits
  • Ensures transformed business information from source to target is accurate and reliable

ETL Testing Framework

ETL Testing Framework
QualiDI Testing Ecosystem

Business Rules Engine (BRE)

BRE is a QualiDI built-in tool that can read English-like language and generate queries for complex transformations very quickly. BRE helps speed up the testing process as non-technical users can write rules instead of queries.

Test Data Management (TDM)

The Bitwise TDM Suite seamlessly integrates with QualiDI to provide an efficient way to produce compliant, production-like test data to help make your QA team a contributor to business agility, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automated Test creation
  • Automated data comparison
  • Metadata validation
  • Test across multiple platforms
  • Reusable test suites
  • Support for heterogeneous set of data stores
  • Centralized mapping documents repository
  • Test Scheduling
  • Admin module
  • Run dashboard
  • Issue tracking
  • Web-based access
  • Artifacts change history tracking
  • Automated Version Control
  • Role based access
  • Email notification
  • SSO login
  • Big Data Testing
  • Support for complex transformation rules
  • Inbuilt Scheduling capability
  • JIRA integration
  • Command line execution
  • Scalable architecture as per requirement
  • Support for Continuous Integration process
  • Logical Test Data Generation
  • Shift left testing
  • Enables Agile development
  • Deliver projects and functionality faster
  • Improved efficiency & cost savings
  • Artifact repository for requirement document
  • Seamless integration with Bitwise TDM & BRE tools
  • Defect Management tool integration
  • Reusable Test cases in multiple environments

QualiDI with Agile Development

Agile ETL Test Automation

  • Automated Agile ETL testing overcomes the obstacles that lower ROI and efficiency in the testing cycle.
  • Manages the complex ETL testing cycle and ensures data quality through the full life cycle, effectively eliminating human error and accelerating the entire process.
  • Flexible to any environment as it is configurable with all databases.
Agile ETL Test Automation
  • Fix-Defect-Then-Release over release working components
  • Testing as separate phase over continuous testing
  • Testers responsibility over team responsible for quality
  • Detailed test planning at the start over incremental test planning to absorb changes
  • Specialized over multi dimensional skills

Why QualiDI for Your ETL Testing Needs

One Stop Shop for All Requirements

  • One stop to define ETL requirements
  • BAs, QA Engineering, ETL Development team refer to same version of requirements
  • Easy to accommodate change requests and enhancements

Data Store Independent Test Suite

  • Execute automated tests on heterogeneous data stores
  • Reusable test suites for all the enrircnments (Dev QA, Pre-prod etc.); no rework
  • Reusable test suites for ETL version upgrades and ETL tool migration projects

ETL Tool Independent Automated Test Suite

  • One automated ETL test suite
  • Manages the complex ETL testing cycle and ensures quality through the full life cycle, effectively eliminating human error and accelerating the entire process

Automated Versioning and Change History Management

  • Inbuilt version management system for requirements and test cases
  • Compare two different version to audit the changes
  • Track and revert back to previous version in one click

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Accelerate Data Validation, Improve Accuracy and Reduce Costs