End-to-End ETL Test Automation Platform

QualiDI ETL Test Automation Platform provides an enterprise-wide, end-to-end platform for centralizing testing of one or more ETL tools.

The platform automates ETL testing from Source (any operational system) to Target (data warehouse). QualiDI improves ETL testing effectiveness, shortens development cycles and ensures quality while reducing costs.

Data Traceability

QualiDI offers data traceability from requirements to target database at the click of a button.

Centralized Repository

QualiDI provides an easily maintainable centralized repository of requirements, test cases, and test results.

Early Defect Detection

QualiDI ensures that more defects are detected at initial phases, which are 15x less costly than defects encountered during production support.

Testing Agility

QualiDI can reduce regression testing cycles by up to 70% leading to rapid delivery sprints.

ETL Testing Framework

ETL Testing Framework
QualiDI Testing Ecosystem

Business Rules Engine (BRE)

BRE is a QualiDI built-in tool that can read English-like language and generate queries for complex transformations very quickly. BRE helps speed up the testing process as non-technical users can write rules instead of queries.

Test Data Management (TDM)

The Bitwise TDM Suite seamlessly integrates with QualiDI to provide an efficient way to produce compliant, production-like test data to help make your QA team a contributor to business agility, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

QualiDI Advantage

  • Shift left testing
  • Enables Agile development
  • Deliver projects and functionality faster
  • Improved efficiency and cost saving
  • Traceability of test cases
  • Reduced defects
  • Artifact repository for requirement document
  • Integration process
  • Seamless integration with Bitwise TDM & BRE tools
  • Support for Continuous Integration process
  • HPQC integration
  • Data validation


QualiDI provides value to your specific ETL testing requirements

Agile BI Test Automation
Manages the complex BI testing cycle and ensures data quality through the full life cycle, effectively eliminating human error and accelerating the entire process.


Shift-Left Testing Methodology
Shift-left methodology involves QA early in the development cycle, helping developers and testers unite for an expedited delivery.


Test Cycle Reduction
Ability to interface with leading Defect Management tools in the market as well as automating all aspects of Data Management.


Big Data Testing Services
Full-service design addresses issues of data quality, governance, policy adherence and validation when migrating ETL processing to the big data environment.