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Cost Reduction Achieved Using QualiDI

Case Study Summary

Bitwise helped one of the largest insurance companies in the United States improve quality assurance (QA), and create a data management strategy that would better align with the business and enable innovation and the development of new features within their service offerings.

The Client

A 8 billion USD insurance company located in the United States.

The Challenge

Complicated front-end and back-end systems in this scenario consistently caused budget overruns. Contingency plans were being built into project schedules because the team expected test data failures and reworking. Project teams added 15 percent to all test estimates to account for the effort to collect data from back-end systems, and 10 percent of all test scenarios were not executed because of missing or incomplete test data. Costly production defects were the result.

Additionally, requests for test data came too late, with too many redundancies. There were no efficient processes to provide test data for all of them. Teams would use old test data because of the effort involved in getting new test data, but using old test data often resulted in a high number of defects. Ultimately, there was a significant security risk of exposing sensitive data during testing.

After fully analyzing the problems, the team in this example concluded that with every new 14 million USD delivery, a hidden 3 million USD was spent on test data management.

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