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Accelerate Time-to-Market

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Numerous aspects of the development cycle can slow down the process of rapid delivery of software, including infrastructure creation and maintenance, code integration, regression testing, manual deployment cycle, lengthy maintenance lifecycle, slow feedback mechanism, and more.


The Bitwise CI/CD solution helps in the rapid delivery of software, accelerating time-to-market with no compromise on quality. Our solution focuses on automating most of the areas so that teams can focus more on adding new features rather than doing mundane tasks, as well as improving productivity.

Key Features

  • Infrastructure as code, reducing the infrastructure creation and maintenance time
  • Continuous code integration through CI Server, reducing code integration time and defects
  • Automated tests suites, reducing testing time and providing instant feedback
  • Automated CI Server setup, reducing CI Server setup time
  • DevOps tools for automated deployment, reducing deployment time

Key Benefits

  • ~50% effort reduction in CI/CD environment setup (in-house or Cloud)
  • ~50% reduction in code integration time
  • ~30% reduction in overall testing time
  • ~50% reduction in deployment time
  • ~30% increase in productivity
  • ~50% reduction in code review time
  • Resilient CI/CD environment reducing infrastructure setup & downtime

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