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Automated Approval System for SharePoint

Automated Approval System for SharePoint

Maintain more consistency, reduce backlogs, and streamline the approval and control process with our automated approval system for SharePoint. This system saves time from manually routing document and campaign approvals, and mitigates audit risk by creating one central location for all approver comments and final marketing copy.


Bitwise has designed a configurable system with a rich set of functions that allow you to configure your document approval or campaign management system. Direct features include configurable approval options, multi-document approval, multi-stage approval, role-based views, color-coded dashboards, and the ability to create dynamic approval groups. In addition, users belonging to different roles are able to access a simplified viewing interface, which reduces user training. Additional specific features include:

Document Approval

  • Litigation Hold – Administrators can specify which documents are on litigation hold, and the system doesn’t allow deletion of these documents unless they are taken off litigation hold.
  • Full Control – Approvers can choose to reassign, add additional approvers, or un-assign themselves from the request.
  • Distinct Feature Selection – Administrators are given the option to turn various features for their department site on or off, without impacting other department sites.
  • Automated Group Selection – System decide the groups which need to approve and allows users to choose for approvers from those groups only.
  Realized Automated vs Manual Savings

Campaign Approval

  • Teamwork – Initiators can not only work on their campaigns, they can work on other open campaigns as well.
  • Multi-Component – User can add multiple components to a campaign.
  • Independent Routing – Components can be routed independently of other components in the campaign.
  • Parallel Routing – Initiator can route components to different approver groups at same time.
  Realized Man-Hour Savings

Key Benefits

  • Mitigation of Audit Risk
  • Reduced Search Time
  • Reduced Costs for Paper and Storage
  • Information Availability on any Device
  • Increased Document Security and Control

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