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Automated Checklist Management

Automated Checklist Management

Identifying trends and limiting mistakes are critical elements in any data migration project and can involve significant amounts of time and effort, which correlates directly to operational budget. The Bitwise approach to Checklist Management streamlines the approach and saves time from manually filling checklists by automating the process, and at the same time, creates a central repository to hold checklist templates and all checklist data.


Bitwise uses a custom-developed suite of scripts and tools, which enable greater functionality and a more effective approach to collaboration. We offer a configurable system that provides an automated approach to efficiently manage and process proof-based checklists. Specifically, key features in the Bitwise solution include:
  • Runtime Checklist Generation – Checklists gets generated based on applicable categories.
  • Segment-Based Owner – Initiator can delegate different segment of checklist to different users.
  • Proof-Based System – Initiator can upload proof of having completed the check instead of just selecting Yes/No.
  • Dynamic Checklists – Administrators can add/remove checks in checklists easily and can add/remove categories.
  • Runtime Re-Assignments – Initiators can chose to reassign checklists.
  • Role-Based Views – Users belonging to different roles are able to access a simplified viewing interface, reducing the need for user training.
  • Litigation Hold – Administrators can specify which documents are on litigation hold, and the system doesn’t allow deletion of these documents unless they are taken off litigation hold.
  • Checklist Verification – Ability to get checklist verified by Quality Analysts.

Key Benefits

  • Mitigation of Audit Risk
  • Reduced Search Time
  • Reduced Paper and Storage Costs
  • Information Availability on any Device

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