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Campaign Central for Marketing Automation

As your company grows, marketing campaigns grow in parallel in order to continue market penetration and growth. Companies can prevent traditional office products such as email, spreadsheets, and documents from turning into bottlenecks during the Marketing cycle by utilizing digital solutions. These solutions introduce operational efficiencies into the Marketing cycle and ensure that the success of marketing initiatives can be measured.

How Bitwise Helps

The digital market has several tools that streamline and automate workflows of marketing campaigns for all available channels. More often, these tools come with many extra, built-in features that may not be necessary. Bitwise Campaign Central addresses this challenging growth area by modularizing the campaign workflow tool so that companies can customize the tool per their specific workflows and required channels. Companies can then pay for only what they want to use, rather than an all-inclusive option that makes them pay for tools they don’t need.

Marketing Automation with Campaign Central

Key Features

  • Intuitive and efficient user interface (UI)
  • Responsive mobile interface for managing the approvals process
  • Campaign templated to tailor to marketing needs
  • Ability to create granular segmentation and define inclusion and exclusion criterion at each segment level
  • Data captured to meet compliance requirements

Key Benefits

  • Helped a global finance company save 45% operational cost and increased campaign efficiency by 20%
  • Estimated savings of 20-30% based on marketing teams requirements
  • Web architecture ensures that changes required in maintenance phase are configurable, saving at least 20% in maintenance cost per year
  • Bitwise-hosted Cloud helps Marketing teams further bring down their maintenance costs with the elimination of in-house IT Support and infrastructure costs

 Digitize your marketing efforts with Campaign Central. Download here to know more.