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CI/CD for Existing/Maintenance Projects

CI/CD for Existing/Maintenance Projects

Many organizations face challenges when introducing the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deliver (CD) process into existing projects. Team leaders or project managers may not understand what tools to use, how to write automated test cases without affecting current delivery, or even how to implement the CI/CD process without changing existing code.A lack of understanding about the methodologies can lead project managers to spend extra efforts to implement CI/CD, or even cause managers to think that CI/CD can only be implemented in new projects.


Bitwise has significant experience in implementing the CI/CD pipeline in existing projects with diverse technologies. To address all of the above stated challenges, Bitwise has come up with a methodology that provides a customized solution, based on projects requirement(s). With the help of Bitwise Continuous Delivery Maturity Assessment model, an assessment of projects will be carried out to provide a roadmap for successful implementation of CD.

Roadmap for Successful Implementation of CD

  • Continuous Delivery Maturity Assessment: Bitwise will do the maturity assessment(s) of the existing project and find out the current maturity level
  • Gap Analysis: Gap analysis will be performed to know how far the existing implementation is from the industry best practices
  • Roadmap for CI/CD Implementation: Establish the roadmap to get constant feedback at each level
  • Suggestion of Best Applicable Toolset and Technologies: Select the best-fitted tools and technologies from the wide range of toolsets available in market
  • Training Project Teams with CI/CD Tools and Practices: Knowledge about CI/CD tools & practices is very important for the successful implementation of CI/CD. Bitwise will provide necessary training for project teams, so they successfully implement the CI/CD process

Key Benefits

  • Get all the benefits of CI/CD process in existing projects without affecting current deliverables
  • Customized solution for a project as opposed to standard CD practices available in market
  • CD roadmap to track the progress of implementation along with continuous feedback
  • Appropriate technology stack and tools recommendations
  • Trained teams and skilled developers in Agile developer practices and DevOps culture

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