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Collaboration Portal

Collaboration Portal

Allow your documents to be available to a wider audience by removing the documentation from local/shared drives, taking out discussions from emails, and enabling a more dynamic and effective level of collaboration.


The Bitwise approach uses a custom-developed suite of scripts and tools, which enables greater functionality and a more effective approach to collaboration. Key features in the Bitwise solution include:
  • Discussion Boards – Chat and discussion board where various team members can chat and have discussions, which could be logged as a thread.
  • Feature Activator – This activates features on all sites within a site collection, without having to manually activate them per site.
  • Mail Alerts – Various alerts and notification depending upon various permutations and combinations were implemented.
  • Template Replicator – A script that automatically creates a site based on a template.
  • Unique Email/Alert Sender – Emails/alerts are sent with custom email ID associated with the list/document library from which it originated, rather than from a common ID, which is the SharePoint default function.
  • Validator – A script that validates all the features have been activated and that all the sites and document libraries have been created.

Key Benefits

  • Central Knowledge Repository
  • Reduced Search Time
  • Information Availability on any Device

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