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Continuous Delivery Maturity Level Assessment

Continuous Delivery Maturity Level Assessment

Organizations might have knowledge of Continuous Deliver (CD) methodologies, however many times do not know where to start, or do not know what to expect out of CD initiatives. Lacking the appropriate level of expertise, organizations may not realize optimal benefits or experience failure of the CD initiative due to challenges such as:
  • Big Bang approach to implement all components at once
  • Might have all the tools in place, yet lack capabilities to effectively use them
  • Able to implement the process, however not able to maintain it efficiently


There are different CD Maturity Assessment models in the market that help to solve the above challenges. Through our vast experience with CD, Bitwise has created a proprietary maturity model by picking the best pieces out of all the available models, which helps an organization understand its current CD maturity level and fill the gaps between the current state and the desired level.

Custom Maturity Assessment

  • Assistance in setting clear goals
  • Gives clear picture of current maturity state of the organization, current market standard and what needs to be done to get to the desired level, based on organizational requirements
  • Assistance in capturing the growth of CD implementation at regular intervals

Key Benefits

  • Get to know the current maturity level of the organization
  • Organizational goal setting for CD implementation
  • Step-by-step roadmap for CD practices to reach the optimized state
  • Appropriate technology stack and tools recommendations
  • A framework to track CD practices growth, with feedback at regular intervals

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