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Data Warehouse Testing

Building upon sixteen-plus years of experience in Data Warehouse Testing, Bitwise partnered with clients towards faster time-to-market capabilities by leveraging their proprietary Test Automation Suite – QualiDI. QualiDI achieves test automation with minimal QA intervention by automatically testing ETLs. This drastically reduces Test Cycles and quickens the entire QA process.

Key Features

  • Fully automate the process of ETL testing using QualiDI with minimal human intervention
  • Test automation even for complex ETLs can be achieved with ease
  • Variegated Test Data generation for ETL testing
  • Thorough testing across Source, Stage, and Target databases
  • Scheduling and job monitoring
  • Report data testing

Key Benefits

  • Faster turnaround time for ETL Testing
  • 100% test coverage for ETL applications
  • Employ effective Shift-Left testing for ETL testing using QualiDI
  • Reduce the test cycle time using QualiDI
  • Cost effectiveness as manual QA intervention is drastically reduced

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