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EME Compliance

There are numerous compliance challenges that can affect a business, including incorrect Impact and Dependency Analysis leading to manual efforts in identification of work scope, wasted effort in maintaining compliance of unwanted entities, and space and processing overheads due to unwanted applications/entities in the production grid. Bitwise addresses Enterprise Meta Environment (EME) compliance issues by focusing on a variety of specific client/business needs, such as:
  1. Establish end-to-end data lineage across Data Warehouse components to ensure accurate Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  2. Build accurate reporting for regulatory compliance, supporting Risk Management efforts
  3. Optimize the maintenance cost and bring in operational effectiveness

The Bitwise Approach

This service prevents scheduled effort overruns and improves the developers’ efficiency by utilizing automated code validation. It is recommended to be executed in a phased manner as structured below for best results (however, any phase can also be executed as an independent initiative):
  1. Assessment
    • Accurately defines work scope for making applications Enterprise Meta Environment (EME) compliant
    • Lowered space utilization and maintenance cost
    • Zero manual efforts
  1. Building Compliance
    • Automated testing process
    • Build a knowledge repository that will record solutions for all the issues encountered
    • Automated validation of changes generates a detailed report on the applied fix
  1. Validation
    • Automated validation process ensures that all the EME errors are addressed, and that the solutions implemented to resolve EME errors have in no way impacted existing function of the application
    • Elaborate test record to support faster turnaround for approvals
    • Reduced engagement of Client-side SME/stakeholders
  1. Safeguarding Compliance
    • EME-compliant application template that speeds up the development of a new application, and reduces manual effort by creating a graph with EME-compliant parameter set
    • Best practices/standardization, ensures EME compliance of applications developed in future

Key Benefits

Based on past successes, Bitwise has found that using this automated Validation Function results in an up-to-30% effort savings per application and optimum engagement of client Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

EMC Compliance

 You can download the detailed PDF version of this use case here.