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Enterprise Application Quality Uplift

Enterprise Application Quality Uplift

Enterprise application quality has always been a challenge for organizations, and is even more challenging when you have strict deadlines and diverse development teams working from geographically separate locations. Some of the common quality challenges faced by organizations include code integrity and quality, maintainability, performance and security, consistent and defect-free delivery.


Through extensive experience, Bitwise can help in setting up the complete end-to-end, enterprise level Continuous Integration (CI) & Delivery process for your organization. Continuous Integration is a practice in which every code commit goes through several rounds of quality checks to give instant feedback. However, there is no single solution that fits all. Hence, Bitwise provides a customized solution using a Continuous Delivery Maturity Assessment model along with a roadmap to uplift the overall quality of the application.

Key Features

  • Customized solution as opposed to standard CI/CD practices available in the market
  • CI/CD roadmap to track the progress of implementation along with continuous feedback
  • Cost-effective solution using Open Source tools with no compromise on quality
  • Appropriate technology stack recommendations
  • Solution based on industry best practices
  • Focus on CI/CD culture along with tools & processes
  • Trained teams in Agile developer practices & DevOps culture

Key Benefits

  • ~30% reduction in overall defects
  • ~50% reduction in code integration & code quality issues
  • ~50% reduction in configuration & deployment defects
  • ~50% effort reduction in CI/CD environment setup (in-house or Cloud)
  • ~85% code coverage
  • Early detection of performance and security issues
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Resilient & distributed CI/CD environment

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