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ETL Migration to Hadoop

Big Data migration isn’t easy. Existing Enterprise Warehouses can have workloads that have been built over years or even decades. Bitwise can help you migrate from an extremely costly legacy system and build upon new technology that will enable an enhanced customer experience and drive the innovation of new products and services, all while realizing a very fast Return on Investment (ROI).

Bitwise Approach

Built on two decades of extensive experience across all major ETL platforms, our Bitwise Code Converter Excelerator enables clients to migrate from one system to another, merge two distinct systems into one, minimize manual effort, and upgrade to newer versions of ETL products. Bitwise has automated the process to migrate from a legacy system to Hadoop by creating an XML layer that utilizes a translation and extraction framework on top of Cascading, which guarantees future translatability between languages and tools, prevents obsolete languages, improves developer productivity, and vastly reduces coding effort.

Bitwise Dark Elements Discovery Framework brings in automation in assessment phase which helps in identifying the scope accurately and optimizing the migration process. Bitwise QualiDI Test platform reduces the time taken by 30% in Migration Validation

ETL Migration to Hadoop

Key Features

  • Reduce Assessment phase Efforts by 60% with Dark Data Discovery framework
  • 70% Touch-Free Migration
  • 50% Increase in Developer Productivity
  • 30% Effort Saved for Test Compliance Reports

With Bitwise Hadoop Adoption Approach

Hadoop Adoption

 You can download the detailed PDF version of this use case here.