Case studies from across industries, domains and Bitwise solutions

Hadoop Adoption

Increase business agility, achieve sustainable revenue growth, and enhance Information Security for Compliance and Governance by leveraging more data. Using Hadoop as an Enterprise Data Hub can significantly reduce traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse costs and enable innovation by deploying solutions that benefit all internal and external stakeholders. Hadoop allows enterprises to ingest, process and analyze very large volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data, and is capable of storing ANY file format. In addition to saving on licensing costs by being open source, it is also run on commodity hardware, making scalability very cost-effective

Bitwise Approach

Bitwise has extensive experience in implementing Hadoop within large, complex organizations. This experience is captured in our Hydrograph Center of Excellence for implementing open source ETL development environment to accelerate Hadoop adoption. We use a proven methodology for ensuring that all implementations are focused on driving down total cost of ownership, and offering a complete end to end solution to maximize value.

The Hydrograph platform couples a drag and drop GUI with Apache Spark to build an interface to Hadoop that is more developer friendly eliminating the need of having Hadoop/MapReduce knowledge for an ETL developer. This allows developers to interact with a drag-and-drop environment to create new transformations or update/edit existing jobs, and visualize existing workloads to facilitate ongoing management.

Key Features

  • Proven Adoption Methodology
  • End to End Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence environment
  • 60% to 70% reduction in year on year operational expenses
  • No knowledge of Map Reduce or Hadoop needed for ETL Developer
  • UI based ELT
  • Handles Structured as well as unstructured data and ensures quality

 You can download the detailed PDF version of this use case here.