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Hadoop Infrastructure Support

As with any critical infrastructure, Hadoop clusters need periodic maintenance and upgrade. Since the technology has thousands of contributors worldwide, critical patches are frequently released to ensure enterprise grade reliability and security requirements. Ensuring 100% uptime for the Hadoop environment is critical to ensure that business planning and continuity is maintained. Enterprise Production support forms a significant if sometime overlooked aspect of setting up and maintaining an Enterprise Grade Hadoop environment.

Bitwise Approach

Phased approach to build and maintain a complete Hadoop ecosystem. The Build phase incorporates Linux setup, setup of the appropriate flavor of Hadoop and configuration of the Security requirements on it. The Maintenance and Support phase handles working with the Hadoop providing vendor to identify and configure required patches and updates, user management and preventive and corrective maintenance of the Hadoop cluster, reduce incident workload by applying permanent fixes etc. With our continuous optimization approach, Bitwise helps organizations meet critical objectives including:

  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • High Availability
  • Quick Adoption to Changing Dynamics (i.e., system upgrades, tool upgrades, operational processes changes etc.)

Bitwise has extensive experience in maintaining and upgrading Hadoop environments both on premise at client locations or offsite in our own data centers as remote clusters. With our managed services model of operation, Bitwise ensures that critical business SLAs are met. Validating the newer tools and packages on in house clusters before rolling them into a production environment ensures Production stability and SLA conformance.

Key Features

  • Proven experience in administration of Hadoop clusters built using 100’s of commodity nodes
  • Mature administration SOPs
  • Multiple and Cross data center cluster management
  • Implementing and Enforcing security
  • Capacity Planning
  • Performance Tuning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Remote clusters across data centers

Hadoop Infrastructure Support

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