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Lotus Notes Repository to SharePoint Migration

Lotus Notes Repository to SharePoint Migration

Enhance the user interface and expand system integration ability within SharePoint by utilizing the Bitwise automation Excelerator to migrate from Lotus Notes to SharePoint. With our specially designed methodology, you can expect to deliver future cost-savings, ease of transition, greater user satisfaction, and increased efficiency.


Bitwise automates the Lotus Notes migration by using a custom-developed suite of migration tools with unique functionalities that enable ease of migration, Microsoft Office 365 compatibility, and verification abilities. Listed below are key features of the Bitwise proprietary solution:
  • One-Hop Migration – Migrates everything in one “hop,” with no need to have on-premises staging environment for a move to Office 365.
  • Zero Downtime – Allows users access to the application throughout the migration process.
  • Post-Migration Access – Allows adaptability and smooth transition; users can still use the old system after go-live to create new records until they familiarize themselves with the new system.
  • Migration to Office 365 or On-Premises – Proprietary migrator tool can migrate to Office 365, as well as on-premises SharePoint installation.
  • Checksum Verifier – Checksum verifier helps in verifying the correctness of the migrated data by comparing it to a checksum field.
  • Data Modernizing – Data is converted from Lotus notes format to SharePoint format.
  • Modernizing Application – Leverages out-of-box features within SharePoint to minimize need of custom development.

Key Benefits

  • Zero Downtime
  • Zero Data Loss
  • Mitigation of Audit Risk
  • Saves License Cost
  • Information Availability on any Device

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