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Non Functional (Performance and Security Testing)

Performance Testing

Market trends in testing are quickly moving toward non-functional testing, as organizations become more aligned towards getting their applications to meet specific performance/security criteria before going out into the “real” world. Our solution aims at exploiting renowned Open Source tools to build robust and distributed performance test suites, which simulate realistic user loads helping to discover bottlenecks before the application is made live.

Key Features

  • Creation of Web/mobile app performance tests after analyzing usage patterns
  • Optimization of performance tests using API and scripting of Open Source tools
  • Leveraging Cloud-testing tools to simulate higher loads and realistic geographic loads from different geographies
  • Simulation of loads from various browsers for Web applications
  • Mobile performance testing on various networks Edge, 3G, 4G, LTE etc.
  • Distributed load testing to simulate higher and realistic user loads
  • Generation of easily comprehensive load test reports, which act as a critical input to analyzing application performance
  • Analysis of application performance per page and server request / response analysis before it is productionized

Key Benefits

  • Maximum usage of Open Source tools to leverage distributed performance testing
  • Cost effective load test simulations
  • Considering all the parameters for performance testing for Web applications (i.e. server, pages and HTTP request/responses), hence providing thorough insight into the performance of the application
  • Generating test reports which are easily readable by key stakeholders
  • Realistic performance test creation for Web/mobile apps on various environments
  • Reported performance test efficiency metric of around 90%
Security Testing

Security Testing involves the creation of a custom Security Test Suite with commonly used APIs (which adhere to discovering OWASP vulnerabilities) that capture and fix security vulnerabilities. Adhering to standards of security testing and following OWASP is a key feature in our Security Testing arsenal for Web applications.

Key Features

  • Surveillance of Web applications for present vulnerabilities
  • Penetration of vulnerabilities discovered
  • Knowledge of prominent APIs/tools to develop strong test suites
  • Development of custom Test Suite for Security Testing
  • Coverage for discovery of standard vulnerabilities enlisted by OWASP

Key Benefits

  • Customization of Test Suite according to the need
  • Enhancing the test suite as per the updates to the APIs, hence more powerful tests
  • Adhering to the standards for security testing

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