Case studies from across industries, domains and Bitwise solutions

Production Support Optimization

Our approach to Product Support Optimization is derived directly from the needs and challenges of Bitwise clients, as well as stated business requirements from other Ab Initio customers. In short, the primary goals are to execute production support and maintenance for the application, drive a cost-effective solution, and capitalize on the core competency to create a common, extended team for optimizing the utilization of on-site and offshore resources thereby realizing an increased level of productivity and ROI. By doing this, Bitwise helps to enable critical organizational objectives, including:
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Minimize System Disruptions
  • Adoption to Changing Dynamics (i.e., system upgrades, tool upgrades, operational processes changes, people movement, etc.)

Challenges and Solutions

The Bitwise solution addresses key challenges such as streamlining the coordination between various stakeholders, and meeting stringent Service Lifecycle Agreement (SLA) requirements. By focusing on the client’s need for reducing maintenance costs through an increase in productivity and a metrics-driven SLA, Bitwise teams can offer significant value to clients. Recent client value realizations include:

  • System outage went down by 60%
  • Increased efficiency related to job production by 4 times, with a total realized man-hour savings of 175,200

Production Support

Expertise and Value

Our years of experience in Ab Initio production support and maintenance gives us a unique position to make proven recommendations for coding best practices related to production issue avoidance. At Bitwise, we have over 400 highly trained Ab Initio consultants available to help streamline your data pipeline and optimize the production environment. This allows client employees to work on strategic initiatives and future projects rather than taking care of day-to-day production issues. In addition, our services help to:

  1. Bring in efficiencies with continuous improvement – Our experienced consultants continuously lookout for areas of improvement in the system as well as in the processes, and recommend ways to improve.
  2. Enhance SLA strategies to avoid delays and save business from getting impacted – We monitor the system behavior and identify potential issues that might delay the job streams. We coordinate with respective teams and provide support for issue resolution.
  3. Streamline functional understanding into technical understanding – We provide solutions to business users by analyzing the functional issues and translating it to technical specification and resolving it.
  4. Handle special needs – For unusual circumstances that negatively impact production and can cause setback to the client organization, we provide effective solutions that not only help minimize impact but also control the risk of damage in terms of data as well as financial loss.

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