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Agile BI Test Automation

The adoption of the Agile development approach for data management and Business Intelligence (BI) projects is increasingly being utilized in order to deliver a measurable increase in the Return on Investment (ROI), as well as enable companies to meet business goals faster. In order to realize these gains, one of the critical practices that teams need is test automation.

Overcoming Challenges:

Automated Agile BI testing overcomes the obstacles that lower ROI and efficiency in the testing cycle. QualiDI manages the complex BI testing cycle and ensures data quality through the full life cycle, effectively eliminating human error and accelerating the entire process. Additionally, QualiDI is flexible to any environment as it is configurable with all databases.

Agile BI Testing Challenges:


QualiDI overcomes the Agile BI testing challenges


Key Benefits:

QualiDI delivers numerous cost and time benefits by utilizing automated testing in a test-driven development approach, allowing for the automation of test case generation as well as the periodic test data generation. This approach allows the testing teams to:
  • Automate integration and regression testing
  • Compare heterogeneous data sources for test completeness
  • Utilize the business-rule engine and impact analyzer to accurately design and maintain test data

The built-in functionality of QualiDI ensures:
  • Production-like test data with redacted personal/sensitive content
  • Centralized repository of requirements, test cases, and test results
  • Interface with central Quality Assurance (QA) tools (e.g. HP Quality Center, etc.)

 You can download the detailed PDF version of this use case here.