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Shift-Left Testing

Shift-left Testing, a methodology in which testing is performed earlier in the cycle (i.e., moved left on project timelines), is incorporated in QualiDI, allowing for developers to receive feedback in an accelerated timeframe, improving overall quality. Besides the reduction of bottlenecks, higher level of Quality Assurance (QA), and support for Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Shift- left focuses on the following challenges:
  • Typically 56% of defects emerge due to wrong requirements
  • Defects discovered at the later phase are expensive compared to defects found at an early stage
  • Frequent re-testing hampers faster time-to-market for software development

QualiDI ensures that all requirements are entered from an initial phase, introducing QA at the inception of the project. Based on the requirements, test cases and test data are created ensuring completeness and correlation. Defects that are encountered are logged and tracked until closure.




Key Benefits:

Shift-left methodology is about involving QA early in the cycle, helping developers and testers unite for an expedited delivery. Besides the increase in quality, the Shift-left methodology that is incorporated into QualiDI achieves:
  • Data traceability from requirements to target database is available at a click of a button
  • Centralized repository of requirements, test cases, and test results
  • More defects are detected at initial phases which are 15 times less costly than defects encountered during production support
  • Reduced testing cycles leading to rapid delivery sprints

 You can download the detailed PDF version of this use case here.