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Test Data Management Strategy

Data warehouse applications have critical dependency on high quality data. An effective Test Data Management (TDM) Strategy can save hours in test data creation, build efficiency into your test process, mitigate risk of exposed sensitive data, and ultimately save money by reducing costs associated with testing. QualiDI powered by DataBuilder, The Test Data Management suite, is able to generate production like synthetic test data.

The DataBuilder enables QualiDI to:

  • Generate correct quantity and realistic test data from production data sources
  • Create synthetic test data for missing test data
  • Schedule test data extraction process

Need of Automation:

test_data_1 A test query can return millions of rows with hundreds of columns, making it extremely difficult to find data errors during a manual test process. This has resulted in the recognition of an industry wide necessity, for an automated solution such as the DataBuilder, which is capable of producing high quality test data more easily, effectively and economically for testing data warehouse applications.


  • Production-like test data with redacted personal/sensitive content
  • Realistic data for missing scenarios to enrich test data
  • Comprehensive test data for non-functional testing
  • Business rule engine and impact analyzer to accurately design and maintain test data
  • Defect removal effectiveness to reduce end-to-end ETL test cycle and data testing cost

Key Benefits:

Support your company’s business strategy, operational excellence, and compliance through more reliable, timely data achieved at a significantly lower cost. Key documented benefits include:
  • Reduced costs over 85% in regression over three years
  • 75% reduction in regression and re-testing
  • 85% increase in test case execution documentation

 You can download the detailed PDF version of this use case here.