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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Testing and CA LISA

SOA testing involves, testing GUI-less applications which are heterogeneous in nature, platform independent and communicate with each other. This means not solely web service testing but it also includes testing of the overall architecture. Bitwise has proven expertise in testing complex web services and handling middleware testing efficiently by providing automated solutions in this area.


LISA provides automated solutions for testing web services through test scripts and test suites which validate each level of service development lifecycle from unit, functional, regression and load testing, to virtualization of services, and continuous validation.

Key Features

  • Expertise in testing SOA applications with SOAP, MQ, RESTful Web services, APIs and ETL testing through CA LISA
  • Usage of market-leading licensed and Open Source tools
  • Expertise in middleware migration testing
  • Expertise in creating Test Scripts, Test Suites and performance/load testing using CA LISA
  • Proven expertise in Service Virtualization through CA LISA, by simulating constrained or unavailable systems across the software development lifecycle
  • Expertise in Continuous Integration through market leading tool and Continuous Validation through CA LISA

Key Benefits

  • Avert all major challenges in Web Services Testing, enabled by our expertise and proprietary solutions and processes
  • Minimize test setup and faster ROI
  • Excellent test coverage, quality deliverables and test efficiency
  • Continuous validation model exposes defects early and delivers faster and higher ROIs

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